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OpenVL at IEEE Visualization 2003   sarang - 2003-11-05 10:24   -   OpenVL (Open Volume Library)
OpenVL was demonstrated at IEEE Visualization at the poster session and the Interactive Demo Labs. We got a lot of feedback and hopefully we will find more users and contributors.
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OpenVL at Volume Graphics '03   sarang - 2003-07-10 07:44   -   OpenVL (Open Volume Library)
The first paper on design of OpenVL was presented at Volume Graphics 2003 at Tokyo, Japan. The OpenVL source code and binaries for version 0.3.0 are also included on the conference CD.

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OpenVL 0.3.0 released   sarang - 2003-04-27 18:43   -   OpenVL (Open Volume Library)
Here comes another release of OpenVL. This is version 0.3.0. This is a developmental release (The minor number '3' is odd). That is, the API is not stable yet and there could be bugs! But it is stable enough for practical purposes. We will continue releasing on the 0.3.x series till a source incompatible change in introduced.
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Research paper online   sarang - 2003-04-27 09:29   -   OpenVL (Open Volume Library)
The first research paper on the design of OpenVL has been accepted at the Volume Graphics 2003 conference!! The paper is now available under the "Research Papers" link on OpenVL's website.

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Added online presentation   sarang - 2003-01-30 18:31   -   OpenVL (Open Volume Library)
Just added the presentation that I gave about OpenVL at Stony Brook University's Computer Science dept. You can find it by following the "Presentations" link from the main page.

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ver 0.1.2 released   sarang - 2003-01-18 12:40   -   OpenVL (Open Volume Library)
A new version has been released. This release contains more plugins. Read the changlog and release notes before installing.

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Critical bug fix release   sarang - 2003-01-02 22:19   -   OpenVL (Open Volume Library)
Version 0.1.1 is released and upgrade is strongly recommended. It fixes a critical bug in iterators.
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First release of OpenVL   sarang - 2002-12-27 13:05   -   OpenVL (Open Volume Library)
Today we made our first public release. We have released OpenVL version 0.1.0. This is an unstable/developmental release. The version numbers of OpenVL will be similar to those of the Linux kernel. An odd minor version number (the y in ver x.y.z) will indicate an unstable/developmental release. An even minor version number will indicate a stable release.
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CVS crosses1000 commits   sarang - 2002-12-26 11:02   -   OpenVL (Open Volume Library)
On Dec 24th, OpenVL's CVS crossed 1000 commits! Hopefully we will have more developers and more commits in future!

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Design document online   sarang - 2002-12-24 05:55   -   OpenVL (Open Volume Library)
A new design document is now online. It describes every part of OpenVL in details. It also has all the implementation details.

To access the document, click on "Design Document" under "Documentation" on the main page or go directly to:
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