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Welcome to the homepage of OpenVL.

OpenVL is a library for handling and processing volumetric datasets (CT, MRI and the like). It is an ideal choice for writing applications and implementing algorithms which deal with volumetric data. The library provides:
  • A uniform, descriptive, iterator-like API to access volumetric data (voxels)
  • Support for multiple layouts for the volumetric data
  • Support for various datatypes for the volumetric data
  • Support for reading/writing files in a variety of file formats
  • Volume processing (image processing, segmentation, visualization, etc)
  • Utility classes (vector, normal, matrix, clock, histogram, transfer function, slicer etc)
  • A comprehensive plugin framework
  • User interface widgets which encapsulate certain library functionality (coming soon)
  • The entire source code!
A more detailed description of the features is available here.

The design of OpenVL is extremely modular and extensible. Almost every functionality in OpenVL is implemented as a dynamic plugin which can be loaded at run-time when the functionality is needed. OpenVL makes it easy to extend functionality by the way of third party plugins which are very easy to write (simple C++ shared libraries). Plugins can be written to add support for new file format, a new volume processor, a new layout for volumetric data, a new interpolation etc. These plugins can be easily shared and used by other users and their applications.

The library is open source, licensed under the GNU Library or Lesser General Public License (LGPL). You are encouraged to contribute code to the library. Please follow this link for more information.

To learn more about the library, please have a look at the presentations and the publications. Feel free to browse the design document, api reference, user manual, or the code itself for better understanding.

Please go to the download page for instructions to download and install the library. You can also get the code directly from the CVS repository for which the instructions can be found here. The library is being developed and tested on Linux Mandrake 8.2, 9.0, 9.1 and RedHat 7.3. It should work on any Linux (or non-Linux) system with gcc 3.2 or gcc 2.96.

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  • OpenVL at IEEE Visualization 2003   2003-11-05 10:24
  • OpenVL at Volume Graphics '03   2003-07-10 07:44
  • OpenVL 0.3.0 released   2003-04-27 18:43
  • Research paper online   2003-04-27 09:29
  • Added online presentation   2003-01-30 18:31
  • ver 0.1.2 released   2003-01-18 12:40
  • Critical bug fix release   2003-01-02 22:19
  • First release of OpenVL   2002-12-27 13:05
  • CVS crosses1000 commits   2002-12-26 11:02
  • Design document online   2002-12-24 05:55
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